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We would love to help you with your new website design and development, or by improving your existing website. By completing the following one page questionnaire you will help us understand your requirements more quickly, and enable us to make suggestions for other areas where you may exploit available technologies. If you don't understand any of the questions, just choose "unsure" as your answer. Or feel free to call us and discuss your requirements. This questionnaire will take you 5 - 10 minutes to complete, depending on the extent of your requirements. Questions 18 - 31 only apply to Ecommerce websites, which you can skip if you do not intend to sell products or services through your website.

* indicates a mandatory question.

1. Please enter your name:  *  

2. Please enter the name of your Organisation:  *  

3. What phone number/s can we contact you on?  *  

4. Please provide your contact email address:  

5. Do you already have a domain name / website address?  *   Yes  No 

6. If yes, please type in your website address here:  

7. Please tell us about your organisation's branding  *  

8. Do you have a published Style Guide?  *   Yes  No  Unsure 

9. What are your objectives for your website - choose as many as are appropriate.  *   Build credibility with potential customers  Showcase products
  Describe services  Sell products or services online  Lead generation  Custom online tool  Deliver special info and services for online members  Deliver video content  Build an online community  Provide customer service 

10. Would you like you a collection of transitioning / dynamic large images and text included on the home page of your website?  *   Yes  No  Unsure 

11. Have you thought about the structure of your website - otherwise called the information architecture or site navigation?  *  

12. How will the content of your website be written?  *  

13. How will the content of your website be maintained in future?  *  

14. Would you like your website content displayed in multiple languages?  *  

15. Please select all the pages / sections you will require for your new website:   About Us  Our History  Our People  Product Pages
  Services Pages  Contact Us  Testimonials  Case Studies  Newsletters  Email Sign Up  FAQ  Privacy Policy  Terms and Conditions of Use  And there will be others  Unsure 

16. Please tell us about your email marketing intentions:  *  

17. Which of these online forms are you likely to need?   Contact Us / Enquiry Form  Email Newsletter Subscription Form  Per Product Enquiry Form
  Per Service Enquiry Form  Per Case Study Enquiry Form  Diagnostic Tool  Customer Service Questionnaire  Online Returns Form
  Other Form  Unsure 

18. If you do not need Ecommerce, please to go question 32. If you are planning to sell products or services through your website, how many individual products / services will be presented through your website?  

19. Please tell us which payment methods you will accept:   PayPal  Credit card through our merchant facility  Cheque in the mail  EFT  Barter system 

20. Would you like to display prices in more than one currency?   Yes  No 

21. Will you sell gift vouchers / gift cards for redemption through the online store?   Yes  No 

22. Will a customer be able to customise their products as they add them to their shopping cart (e.g. add their own label / photo / choose to add extra parts or designs) to create something unique?   Yes  No 

23. Would you like customers to be able to add product reviews?   Yes  No 

24. Will any of your products be delivered by download (rather than physical delivery), or allow access to online services?   Yes  No 

25. If you will be shipping physical goods, please tell us which shipping provider/s you are likely to use.  

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26. Would you like to add your customers into your email/sms marketing program immediately after purchase?   Yes  No 

27. Please select the types of promotions or coupons you are likely to run from time to time:   Shop wide discount percentage  Shop wide discount amount  Discounts for members only  Discounts off certain products only  Discounts off certain product categories only  Once off promotion codes for one person only  Codes that cannot be used for overseas orders  Codes that only apply to above a certain value  Unsure 

28. Would you like to automate returns via an online form?   Yes  No 

29. Would you like customers to be able to view order history (requires them to establish a username and password in order to purchase)?   Yes  No 

30. Would you like customers to accrue loyalty points as they order, allowing those points to be used as future payment?   Yes  No 

31. Would you like a Wish List / Favourites function for customers?   Yes  No 

32. What social media accounts are you currently using and / or would like to integrate with?  

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33. Would you like visitors to your website to be able to search across all content?  *   Yes  No  Unsure 

34. If you would like your website integrated with other websites or software programs (for example your accounting system) please list those programs and briefly explain the integration required.  

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35. In what timeframe do you require your website to be delivered?  *  

36. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?  

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