eNudge Features
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eNudge® Features

Using electronic messaging in a controlled way, allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your cost effective communication, while allowing the recipient to deal with the communication in their own time.

eNudge SMS

  • Send personalised bulk SMS - this easy to use facility allows you to send a personalised SMS to selected contacts.
  • Easy to use - no software to install
  • SMS replies go straight into your business data, and can also be forward to a specified email inbox.
  • SMS replies are free to you, and cost just the standard SMS price to the sender.
  • Full SMS Tracking - know that your SMS messages are delivered successfully - all SMS messages are sent via robust Australian communications gateways. Our messages are NOT sent via international carriers that can offer cut price messages along with reduced reliability and slower delivery times.
  • Bulk SMS price - sending your SMS messages is very efficient and cheaper than a standard SMS message.
  • Easy to upload contact data including custom fields. All data can be used to personalise your SMS messages. You can also search through and download your contacts and get a quick report on unsubscribed contacts.

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eNudge Email

  • Send personalised bulk email - this easy to use facility allows you to send a personalised email to selected contacts.
  • Allow contacts to subscribe from your website, and automatically add their details to your eNudge database.
  • Send a Series of Emails triggered before or after a specified date
  • Easy to use - no software to install
  • Always Professional - you can quickly create personalized, professional HTML emails including your corporate logo, attachments, images and a target URL. Your logo is embedded so that it will appear even if recipients have download images turned off in their email software.
  • Know when emails are opened, and track URL click-throughs from your email.
  • Measure how many times your emails are forwarded on by whom.
  • Spam Act - eNudge helps to ensure your compliance with the Spam Act 2003 (Australia).
  • Handles unsubscribe requests automatically
  • Bounce Management - eNudge handles bounced emails for you, which also helps to ensure that your emails wont be treated as spam.
  • Re-use previous campaigns - it is easy to re-use a previous email with a new set of recipients, making your campaign creation even more efficient.
  • Easy to analyse the success of your campaigns, and compare the results of one email subject compared to another, to help you improve the reach of your campaigns over time. Reports are available online and also emailed to you at a specified time interval.
  • Easy to upload customer data including custom fields. All data can be used to personalise your emails. You can also search through and download your contacts and get quick reports on bounced / unsubscribed email addresses.

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eNudge Plus

  • Reminder Service - upload a set of contacts and a reminder date (e.g. birthdate, appointment date, service due date), and emails will be automatically sent to each contact a specified number of days before the date.
  • Message Series - send out a scheduled series of emails and / or sms messages, where each message is sent out a certain number of days or months before or after a trigger date. Great for delivering eBooks, sending reminders for standard / repeating activities, and much more. Saves you a great deal of time and effort.
  • Campaign Follow Up - maintain your campaign follow up activities alongside the results of your email or SMS campaign. Store the type of follow up, next follow up date, and results.
  • Enterprise Use - ability to set up a number of users, with different levels of access. An overall administrator can see all campaigns, and templates, and control which users have access to which parts of the application.
  • Track ALL URLs inside each email message.

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eNudge Survey

  • Unlimited Questions - and a broad range of types.
  • Easy to configure
  • Easy to distribute - including handy links to share by email or via social media.
  • Easy to analyse - download results for charting and manipulating in Excel.

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eNudge Action Responder

  • Send a stream of messages to your contacts, determined by the action they have taken.

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