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action responder is an add-on to eNudge Plus

eNudge action responder, intelligent autoresponder

eNudge® Action Responder

Have you ever received a couple of emails inviting you to an event, and then at the 3rd email decided to go to the event at which point you register and pay your money. Then a few weeks later you receive another email inviting you to the same event?

If you are like me, that frustrates you no end... because now you have to check whether you did indeed register for the event, or whether your payment went missing etc. It's also unprofessional!

eNudge Action Responder enables you to automate a different set of messages to be sent to your contacts based on the action they take.

For example, a person who chose to come to your event could receive an email closer to the event with details about the speakers, and an SMS 2 days ahead with details of parking at the venue. Whereas a person who indicated that they couldn't attend the event could be re-directed to a web page asking for alternative dates they could make, and encouraging referrals.

eNudge Action Responder Features

The eNudge Action Responder requires an eNudge Plus subscription, and includes the following features:

  • Specify a URL to redirect to depending on which action was chosen by the email recipient.
  • You create the text that makes up the two choices in the email.
  • Allocate each message within the Action Responder series of messages to go to people who have selected one of the two possible responses, or who have not responded at all, or a combination of these responses.
  • The Action Report gives you a concise list of responses from each contact. The report can be downloaded in CSV format (opens in Excel).
  • Each message within the series of messages has its own start and end dates to ensure time sensitive information is only sent during the right timeframe.
  • Each message within the series is set to be distributed X number of days before or after a contact's trigger date.

As per all eNudge solutions, the Action Reponder comes with free telephone and email support during business hours (AEST), along with online tutorials, tips and video explanations.

Call us on (03) 8525 2082 or send us a message to discuss your specific requirements, or get started now with a free eNudge Trial.