eNudge email marketing and delivery solution

eNudge® Plus

eNudge Plus can be attached to either your eNudge Email or eNudge SMS package.

eNudge Plus is packed full of functionality, making it extremely good value for money.

To help you understand the functionality you receive with eNudge Plus, we have set out the details into the following core areas:
     * Enterprise Wide Solution
     * Message Series
     * Campaign Follow Up
     * Reminder Campaigns
     * Extended Integration
     * Action Responder Add-On

Enterprise Wide Solution

To help organisations with a number of staff and departments to use eNudge, eNudge Plus allows multiple user accounts to be attached to the one eNudge account. The administrator account has access to all campaigns, templates and contacts and all functionality. The administrator can then add and maintain other user accounts, and assign them either of the following roles:

  • General User - has access to all their own campaigns and templates, and can utilise all contacts loaded in eNudge.
  • Campaign Follow-up User - can see campaigns and enter and maintain follow-up data, but cannot create campaigns.

Message Series

The Message Series functionality allows you to create a set of emails and/or sms messages that are delivered to a set of contacts, based on the trigger date for each contact. For example, you can send each chapter of an eBook out to a set of contacts, based on the date that they sign up to receive the eBook. As more people sign up to receive your eBook, delivery of the book is simply a matter of adding the new contact to the Message Series contacts, and they will receive each chapter automatically at a set time frame without you having to think about it again!

There's lot of functionality in the Message Series, so we have dedicated a page of our website to discuss just that topic: The Message Series

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Campaign Follow Up

Often an email or an SMS is just the starting point that an organisation will follow up with some other form of communication such as a phone call.

The campaign follow-up functionality allows you to see on a screen the details of all the contacts who have received a particular campaign, alongside their details such as phone, fax and email address, so that customer service staff can easily follow-up each person and add the results to the campaign information.

Some functionality to make this easy for you includes:

  • Unlimited future follow-up dates can be recorded with each contact record.
  • Contacts with a 'next-follow-up date' of today or earlier will be automatically highlighted in green to quickly draw your attention to those records.
  • Where the 'next-follow-up date' is left blank, the record is automatically closed off requiring no further action.
  • Choose from the drop down list the type of contact made to help you quickly record details about your communication.
  • You can click through to the full details stored for any contact listed in the Campaign Follow Up screen, and maintain the contact details as you go.

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Reminder Campaigns

With eNudge Plus, reminder type SMS and Email campaigns are available. A reminder type campaign allows you to:

  • Upload your contacts with their appointment dates, and other key information about the appointment to the campaign.
  • Specify that your campaign is sent to each contact a specified number of days prior to the appointment.

With eNudge SMS, the response to the appointment reminder message will be recorded with the campaign information. You can then utilise the Campaign Follow Up functionality to record your further contact with those who have not responded, making a powerful combination to improve your appointment attendance rates efficiently and effectively.

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Extended Integration

With eNudge Plus you have access to the Extended Integration feature, allowing your customers to manage their own contact information, including subscribing and unsubscribing as suites their requirements, changing their interests and more.

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Action Responder Add-On

As an eNudge Plus subscriber you are able to add-on to your subscription the Action Responder functionality which allows you to send a different stream of messages to contacts attached to the Message Series determined by the action they choose.

Actions might be:

  • I'll come to your event OR I can't make it
  • Complete Survey Now OR I don't wish to complete the survey
  • Anything else that suits your requirements!

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