eNudge® SMS

eNudge SMS allows you to take control of your SMS marketing campaigns.

eNudge is a fully online service (meaning no software to install, and you can access eNudge from any internet-enabled computer). Creating an SMS campaign is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Configure your message - when to send, what to do with replies etc.,
  2. Create your short message text (we give you a guide to help you to this), and
  3. Attach your contacts to the campaign. At this point, you're ready to send!

eNudge provides you with a great deal of functionality, which we have set out in these areas below:
     * SMS Creation
     * Campaign Management
     * Campaign Analysis

SMS Creation

sms marketing sample sms message, bulk personalised sms marketing
  • Use our easy to use Create SMS screen helps you to know how many characters you have left as you create your short message.
  • We provide you with some helpful tips for fitting your message into the available characters.
  • Once you have an SMS template that you are happy with, it's easy to re-use it in future campaigns.

Campaign Management

  • SMS campaigns can be sent immediately, or scheduled for a future date.
  • SMS campaigns can be directed to a targeted set of your contacts using powerful search criteria. It's easy to find and maintain your contacts using our contact search facility. You can also download your contacts at any time.
  • Each SMS automatically includes brief instructions on how to unsubscribe at the end of the message, ensuring that you comply with the Spam Act, and making it easy for you to manage the unsubscribe process. eNudge makes sure you don't SMS your contacts who have unsubscribed again - there's no effort on your part.
  • If your contacts unsubscribe, they are given the opportunity to send you feedback of why they wish to do so. This is invaluable information to help you to improve your business and your customer relationships.
  • It's easy to copy an existing campaign including (optionally) the contacts associated with that campaign, in order to quickly prepare a follow-up SMS.
  • Replies to your SMS messages cost you nothing, and automatically end up in your campaign activity data. You can optionally choose to also send the replies to an email inbox, allowing you to act immediately on the message.

Campaign Analysis

  • For every campaign, you will know:
    • who received your SMS message,
    • who replied to the SMS and the date and content of that reply,
    • who unsubscribed,
    • and which SMS messages weren't able to be delivered.
  • Reports on the progress of your campaigns including the above details are emailed to you at the time interval you specify, as well as being available for your review online at any time.
  • Key measures for your campaigns are shown in pie charts as part of the Campaign Summary Report, allowing you to quickly understand the results.
  • Our SMS Comparison Report allows you to quickly see which SMS campaigns generated the greatest response rate, to help you identify the most successful subject lines and guide your analysis and improvement of your campaigns over time.
  • At any time you can download the details of the activity in your campaign into Excel for further analysis.

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