Using eNudge

When using eNudge, you will be doing one of three types of tasks - managing your contacts (the people who receive your communications), managing your campaigns (your actual messages), and analysing the results of your campaigns. Click on the tabs below to see how easy it is to use eNudge.

Sending out a personalised message to your contacts is a simple 3 step process:
  1. Configure your campaign example email marketing campaign example sms marketing campaign This determines:
    • when it will be sent
    • from which email address and how that email address is displayed, and where replies should be sent
    • how frequently reports will be sent to you, etc...
    • what attachment to include and which logo to embed in your email
  2. Write your message create HTML email message  create your bulk personalised sms message This is made easy for you with:
    • templates that you can create and re-use over and over
    • a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to create your HTML emails on the fly (SMS messages are very easy too)
    • easy to copy an previous email campaign, including the contacts who received that campaign (optionally), into a new campaign
  3. Choose your contacts to receive the your sms messages. There are many ways to choose which contacts should receive a particular campaign including:
    • add all
    • add by category
    • add by searching / multiple criteria search
    • add by uploading a new set of contacts

email campaign management, sms campaign management

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