Communicating in Difficult Times

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We have been extremely busy assisting new and existing Enudge users to write and send their very important updates to clients and customers regarding changes arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, we wanted to take the time to write to you, our valued clients, to assure you that we are here to help. 

As a cloud-solution provider, we are well placed to ensure social distancing, at the same time as operating at our normal pace.  You can still reach us for support in the normal ways - by email, telephone (03 8525 2082 AEST business hours), or by online chat through the Enudge website.

COVID-19 communications
Tips for Communicating in Crisis Situations

We have had the privilege of helping our clients with their communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following tips are from our experience to date:

  1. Communicate regularly, and clearly.  With a situation that is changing so quickly, absence of communication creates a void.  In that void, many people will insert fear, doubts and assumptions.  The antidote is to communicate as quickly as possible as things change, with certainty.  Clear, unambiguous messages are paramount.
  2. Communicate with empathy.  We are all under different pressures caused by the changes affecting our everyday lives.  Try to put yourselves in your customer's shoes as you communicate, and help their situation rather than add to the pressure.
  3. Communicate succinctly, on brand, but don't be terse.  How many COVID-19 updates are you receiving in your emails each day?  People want to be kept up to date, but writing long missives about the situation will simply cause people to skim your message and perhaps miss the important parts.  Keep to the point, but still write with empathy, and in your usual brand style.  Some of you will have spent years building your brand; don't throw that out the window now!
  4. Make it clear that you are part of the solution.  Perhaps it is obvious, but don't forget to make it clear to your reader that you are helping to ease the crisis.  In this current situation, it probably means explaining the measures you are taking to ensure hygiene and social distancing, and any special offers you are making to help your customers. 

If you would like our help to craft your COVID-19 update message, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we're here to help.

Happy Enudging!


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