eNudge Email Features
Unlimited personalisation, easy to design and execute, social sharing, and much more...

eNudge email marketing and delivery solution

eNudge® Email Features include:

  • The eNudge WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) HTML editor makes it easy for you to create a professional looking email campaign, either by starting with one of our inbuilt styles, or starting with a blank canvas. You can also paste HTML into your campaign.
  • You can personalise your messages, including your subject line, to an unlimited degree.
  • Set the display name of the sender e.g. "John Doe - Company XYZ".
  • The Campaign Summary Report graphs the key measures for quick analysis.
  • Email tracking allows you to know who has opened and forwarded your email, and to how many people.
  • If your contacts are using an old / obscure email client and have trouble viewing your HTML email in their email program, they can click on a link to view the email, including all their personalisation, in a web browser.
  • Easily copy the contacts in one campaign who clicked on a particular hyperlink (thus indicating their interest) into another draft campaign.
  • You also know who has clicked on which hyperlinks in your email - great for reporting to advertisers as well as determining level of interest for specific topics.
  • Campaign reports are automatically emailed to you at a frequency you specify, so you don't have to remember to login to check on the progress.
  • Comparison reports allow you to determine the best of a selected group of campaigns.
  • You can download the details of the contacts attached to a particular campaign to a CSV file (can be opened in Excel) at any time.
  • Easily attach segments of your database to your email campaign either by category, by searching across your contact records, or by sophisticated criteria you build e.g. all the males in Victoria, in the prospect category who don't work for company XYZ.
  • Quickly create a new campaign by copying a previous and just editing the text.
  • Grow your list from a form on your website directly into your eNudge account.
  • Free telephone an email support during business hours (AEST), along with online tutorials, tips and video explanations.

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