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message series, action responder, multiple users and more

When the size and diversity of your email marketing requires greater automation, eNudge Plus can help!

The many benefits of eNudge Plus include:

  • Multiple people within your organisation can drill down on just their own campaigns, but still deliver messages to all of your organisation's contacts
  • When more than one message needs to be sent, in a date triggered manner, eNudge packs a punch with the Message Series functionality (much more than just an auto responder)
  • The eNudge Action Responder® will help your organisation look professional by sending out a different stream of messages to your contacts, depending on the action they have already taken. Never again send another invite to an event that an individual has already indicated they will attend, but do send such a person further details leading up to the event!
  • Record the follow up you have made to a particular eNudge contact who received a message, e.g. phone calls, faxes, etc and record the next follow up date.
  • Manage appointment reminders with ease.

Our eNudge Plus package is packed with features to extend your message automation:

  • Send an automated series of messages (email or SMS) following a specified schedule, starting from a different date for each contact (the eNudge Message Series)
  • Manage your campaign follow-up activities, which might include ringing your contacts for a response
  • Automatically send date sensitive reminder emails or SMS messages, x days prior to each person's appointment / trigger date
  • Allow different staff to use your account and manage just their own campaigns
  • Track click throughs on every URL included in your email