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eNudge® SMS Features

eNudge SMS is an online service, and therefore does not require you to install any software.

  • You can send personalised bulk SMS, with unlimited personalisation.
  • Replies to your eNudge SMS messages are free to you, and can be optionally delivered to an email inbox.
  • Messages sent through Australian telephone carriers, with an automatic 5 retries for each message.
  • Delivery of each message is tracked and campaign reports automatically emailed to your nominated email address every X number of days (you specify how frequently).
  • Easy to upload your contact data and manage contact categorisation.
  • Easy to target a precise segment of your contact data by category, by searching across your contact records, or by sophisticated criteria you build e.g. all the females in Victoria, in the prospect category who don't work for company XYZ.
  • Contact and campaign data can be downloaded at anytime to a CSV file (opens in Excel).
  • Quickly create a new campaign by copying a previous and just editing the text.
  • Grow your list from a form on your website directly into your eNudge account.
  • Free telephone an email support during business hours (AEST), along with online tutorials, tips and video explanations.

We are continually improving the features provided by eNudge Email. Sign up to our eNudge News to be kept informed about changes to eNudge along with developments in email and sms marketing.

Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements by calling (03) 8525 2082, or try out eNudge for free today by signing up for an obligation free trial account (no credit card details required).

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