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eNudge® Survey

eNudge Survey eNudge Survey makes it easy for eNudge subscribers to distribute a link to their customer database to receive feedback. eNudge Survey provides the following features:

  • All surveys are branded with your logo
  • You have full control over the text at the top and bottom of the survey, and can add a custom thank you message or redirect to a website address (URL) upon completion.
  • Unlimited questions and responses.
  • Ability to specify mandatory questions.
  • Questions are auto-numbered, but it's easy for you to re-arrange the order of questions while you are creating the survey.
  • Easy to share via weblink, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Easy to read URL pointing to your survey.
  • Login to eNudge to view real time results.
  • Optionally receive notification whenever a survey response is submitted, and receive email reports every x of days summarising the results.
  • Surveys are date based, and only operate after the specified start date (with an optional end date to close the survey).
  • Surveys delivered via eNudge Email allow you to track who has completed your survey, and provide an easy link through to the results from your contact record.
  • Easy to preview and test your survey prior to distributing.

You can try out eNudge Survey by completing this survey which relates to our eNudge News service.