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Issue 71:   Dec 14 / Jan 15            Training for a healthy Mind, Body & Wallet!

Dear Lar, 

Happy 2015! Has it lived up to your expectations so far? Notice I didn't say is it all you've hoped for? Because there's a big difference between hoping and expecting. The latter has more certainty based on information and beliefs. We may hope for a better year but if we don't take steps towards better outcomes, deep down (subconsciously) your expectations are that things will stay the same. And we humans like the safety of sameness. Change scares us, particularly if we haven't associated change with fantastic results. So this year, don't change for the sake of change. If you're extremely happy with where you are stay the same and enjoy! Congratulate yourself on being evolved.

However if you'd like more fulfilment, less stress, more time and money, make some changes. If you're not sure where to begin come along (or ask a friend to go along to get the information) to a talk, a course (details below in the Thank you section) or contact me by hitting Reply. I've also been asked to run another course in SW Sydney so I'm looking for Licensees there (actually Australia wide), as I can only be in one place at a time ;-) Here's to an awesome 2015!!

Until next time, stay healthy, happy & wealthy, inside & out!
Larissa Zimmerman aka Your Money Mistress. BSc (Maths) plus a few other pieces of paper
Whipping wallets into shape! Link In with me
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Thank you... to the NSW libraries that are hosting me for an Author talk. The first is Lismore library on the 19th Feb 15 at 530pm. The Ballina Community College is running the Whip your wallet into shape course on 18th Feb (Alstonville) and 19th March (Ballina), with Lismore's New year, New budget starts Wed 25th Feb. Then there's the Burleigh Heads course on 12th March.

Life's lighter side   Please accept that no offence is intended. If you have a sense of humour, you are on the way to good health

Sarah asked Sam why he couldn't sleep and he said because he owed Max money. Sam was suppose to pay Max $500 the next day but didn't have it. "Is that all?" Sarah said. She then picked up the phone, dialled and said "Hi Max, Sam doesn't have the $500 for you tomorrow. Bye." She turned to Sam and said "Now you can sleep and Max can't. Goodnight." 

I've also reinstated "Monday's funny" on the Face Book page here. 


Fitness Tips (with more on the blog)

For the Mind: 
May I recomend an awesome book called Feel the fear and do it anyway! I read it years ago and took notes, rereading them recently. It shows how to turn pain into power and live "above the line", meaning going from Victim to Victor (which becomes Victory ;-) My own interpretation of seemingly negative events is that there's always at least one positive, as it's nature's way for balance.

For the Body: Imagine you had one car for life. How would you treat it? What sort of fuel would you put into it and how often would you service it? This is EXACTLY what your body is. You have the body which you'd like to look nice but more importantly the engine (ie the heart, arteries, bowel etc) all need to be looked after. What are you doing to maintain your "one car for life"?

For the Wallet: If you're not already paying your credit card in full each month, look at the interest it's costing you. Make 2015 the year to get out of credit card debt like Caitlin did, when she paid off $12,000 and saved $5,000, all within 6 months. Ask me how she did it by replying with "Caitlin's story please". And of course the blog can be found here. The first entry in 2009 is a good place to start LOL

And as usual, our recommended resources can be found here and my alter ego (Your Money Mistress) has her book available here.

For Inspiration: 
"There are plenty of obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them" Ralph Marston

If you think someone may benefit from this information please forward this email. If you'd prefer your financial education a little more risque check out The sooner we are financially literate the sooner we can spend our time as we please and society will benefit as a whole. 
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Training for a healthy Mind, Body AND Wallet
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