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Subject: Happy New Year ! Do what others don't and Whip your wallet ;-)


Issue 73:   Apr / May 15            Training for a healthy Mind, Body & Wallet!

Dear La, 

Here in Australia winter is about to start and the financial (fiscal) year is coming to an end. It's the best time of year to set financial goals as you don't have the added pressure of the Christmas festive season (which is when most people set goals). Remember, if you want to have what most people don't have (ie financial independence), you have to do what most people don't do. So "going against the grain" is a message I'll be sharing with the teenagers on the 11th Jun (see below in the Thank you section).

Another BIG thank you goes to the Beta testers of "Whip your wallet into shape in 6 weeks" (WYW6). After some feedback I'd now like to offer Round 2. There'll still be the money back guarantee (as with all offerings) however there are now 3 phone calls in the package, plus much more including the Basic Budgeting process and that often forgotten topic of psychology! This self paced course is only $129 so for more information just Reply with "More info on WYW6 please" and I'll send it through ;-)   

PS There are just a few of the books I mentioned last newsletter left. From storage with tiny brown spots on the top or bottom of the spine, I'm offering 2 for the price of 1. The books look brand new otherwise and as one lady said, they make great housewarming and thank you gifts, especially as you can request handwritten inscriptions. Remember I'm ex Army so while I've noticed the spots one lady said "you can't even tell".  So, two for only $19.95 until 30 June or while stocks last. Definitely a great way to start the new Financial Year! Just click here and I'll send them the next day ;-)


Until next time, stay healthy, happy & wealthy, inside & out!
Larissa Zimmerman aka Your Money Mistress. BSc (Maths) plus a few other pieces of paper
Whipping wallets into shape! Link In with me
Providing Australia wide Government accredited training, supporting PLAN International and more

Thank you... to Grafton library who have me giving an author talk on the 4th June and to Lismore library who have me speaking with teenagers on the 11th June about Making money work for you. For details just hit reply and say "Details of ... please".

Life's lighter side   Please accept that no offence is intended. If you have a sense of humour, you are on the way to good health

The best way of saving money is to forget who you borrowed it from ;-)


Fitness Tips (with more on the blog)

For the Mind: Just like saying nursery rhymes as children brought joy, saying daily mantras can too. I have three I say each morning and sometimes again thtrough the day. It just helps to keep me focussed and happy about my direction. If you'd like to know mine I've put them on the blog here but of course, it's better to make up ones that resonate with you. Ones that actually give you a tingle of excitement!

For the Body: Since digestion takes up more energy than most other body functions it is suggested we only eat enough at night to stave off the hunger pains until sleep. That way we can "shrink" our muscular stomachs (ie reset the appetite thermostat) and our body can go into repair / replensih mode, ready for the next day.

For the Wallet: With the change of season buy clothes on sale, put them away and next season you'll have a new wardrobe ;-) There are many more on the blog too.

Also for the wallet, Your Money Mistress has her book available here. Remember you get 2 for the price of 1 until 30th June or while stocks last!

For Inspiration: 
"If you can't change your mind then you're not really using it." Anon

If you think someone may benefit from this information please forward this email. If you'd prefer your financial education a little more risque check out The sooner we are financially literate the sooner we can spend our time as we please and society will benefit as a whole. 
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Training for a healthy Mind, Body AND Wallet
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