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Subject: Just in the nick of time !


Issue 74:   Jun / Jul 15            Training for a healthy Mind, Body & Wallet!

Dear La, 

The changeover of financial year is always a busy time for those conscious of making their money work for them (instead of the other way round), so that's why the newsletter's being delivered 3 days before my self imposed deadline. So how has your financial New Year started? Last newsletter I mentioned how it's easier to make financial resolutions now rather than in January when there may be other pressures. Start with small goals that stretch you a little and can easily become habits, such as taking lunch to work 2 days a week. The snowball of success (ie momentum) then makes larger goals more achievable.

 I recommend your resolutions include researching the psychology of money and examining your own relationship with it. As we know it's not how much you earn, but what you do with it that counts. People on all income levels have the same issues. And if you'd like some help just reply with "100 Tips please" and I'll send you the 100 Tips I've created for More love and Less debt. Be quick as once it's added to the website there will be a small charge.

 Lastly, there are 4 books left before I go to the Byron Bay Writer's Festival. If you'd like 2 copies for only $19.95 until 5th August just click here. Definitely a great way to start the new Financial Year!   

Until next time, stay healthy, happy & wealthy, inside & out!
Larissa Zimmerman aka Your Money Mistress. BSc (Maths) plus a few other pieces of paper
Whipping wallets into shape! Link In with me
Providing Australia wide Government accredited training, supporting PLAN International and more

Thank you... to the Byron Bay Writer's Centre for including me in their Self published marquee at the Writer's Festival. If you're one of the few thousand people going I'll see you on Saturday the 8th August.

Life's lighter side   Please accept that no offence is intended. If you have a sense of humour, you are on the way to good health

Old Bob in the nursing home thought he'd give the ladies a bit of a thrill and streaked across the lawn as fast as he could. One of the two ladies on the garden chair asked "Blimey, what was that?" The other responded with "I don't know but whatever it was, it needed an iron!"  ;-)


Fitness Tips (with more on the blog)

For the Mind: Putting words on paper can help to calm a frustrated or angry mind, as well as help clarify the pros and cons of a situation. I've shared some of my personal lessons from last year on the blog here and would love to hear your thoughts. Let's face it, being real and personal is the best way to connect. And if you want to know details I'm happy to respond to private questions.

For the Body: Winter's a great time to jump around to keep warm. We already know the mind body connection of exercise so use winter to amplify this instead of increasing the energy bill. Indeed my neices and nephews were surprised at how they enjoyed dancing aound the loungeroom the first time I babysat (at first they were horrified I didn't have a TV but that quickly wore off as we did other activities).

For the Wallet: The new financial year deserves at least half an hour of your time (preferably weekly but at least do it once before Spring arrives). Some ideas are to work out your budget, assets and liabilities, how it compares to last year and what you'd like your "ideal financial weight" to look like next year. There are 74 more ideas on the blog too.

Also for the wallet, Your Money Mistress has her book available here. Remember you get 2 for the price of 1 until 5th August or while stocks last!

For Inspiration: 
"The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our questions." Anon

If you think someone may benefit from this information please forward this email. If you'd prefer your financial education a little more risque check out The sooner we are financially literate the sooner we can spend our time as we please and society will benefit as a whole. 
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Training for a healthy Mind, Body AND Wallet
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