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Subject: Spring clean your brain !


Issue 75:   Aug / Sep 15            Training for a healthy Mind, Body & Wallet!

Dear La, 

Spring is the season for new neural pathways. Although when I was young, growing upon the farm, I used to think Spring was the season for mating as that's when all the little lambs were born and the air was awash with excitement. I knew animals including humans had to mate to produce offspring but didn't grasp the concept of a gestation period until much later. Now I know the bounties of Spring (including the veggie garden) are due to prior planning (if you consider Mother Nature's influence as a plan LOL).


And so it is with life. Our mental, physical, financial, emotional and spiritual (not religious), healths are the result of planning and cultivating our actions. Or lack of action. We set goals but may not see the benefits for a while. However every time we have a thought or do an action we're strengthening that neural pathway (the path between the neurons in the brain and body). That's why it can take more than 30 days to adopt a new habit.This Spring, if you haven't reached the milestone for this year's financial goal, reassess your actions. What's working and what isn't? What pathways are being reinforced? And you can read more on the YMM Blog.


Until next time, stay healthy, happy & wealthy, inside & out!
Larissa Zimmerman aka Your Money Mistress. BSc (Maths) plus a few other pieces of paper
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Thank you... to Toastmasters for running a humorous competition and placing me for the last 2 rounds. I'll now be competing at Yamba, NNSW on the 17th Oct and hope my dry sense of humour makes the locals laugh.

Life's lighter side   Please accept that no offence is intended. If you have a sense of humour, you are on the way to good health

It's been a hectic couple of months so instead of looking for a joke here's the Facebook page that has Monday's funny every week. Enjoy!  ;-) Oh and it is for those 18+ although it's not that risque xx


Fitness Tips (with more on the blog)

For the Mind: Neuroscience shows that thoughts produce chemical reactions in the brain. So start a "negative thought" jar much like a swear jar and see how long it takes to shift your thinking. You can be specific like I was in Oct 07 when I started a jar for every time I said "I don't have enough time." By December I'd replaced those words with "I have all the time in the world" and by Aug 08 I'd found the time (a few months) to wrap up my life in Australia and move to Maui. Go on, try it!

For the Body: One of the numerous benfits of healthy intimacy is the release of oxytocin and testosterone, both of which are fund in both men and women. These hormones lower blood pressure and reduce stress as well as prevent osteoporosis. So the next time you're thinking of your health suggest to your lover that you take it to the next level and enjoy healthy intimacy for the benefits later in life! ;-)

For the Wallet: The retirement calculator at Regardless of your country you'll get an idea. There are 75 more ideas on the blog too.

Also for the wallet, Your Money Mistress has her book available here.

For Inspiration: 
"Every moment in time is an opportunity to change direction." Yours truly ;-) x

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Training for a healthy Mind, Body AND Wallet
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