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Subject: One month in . Are relationships & revenue part of your 2017 focus?


Edition 83:  Dec / Jan 17            Training for a healthy Mind, Body & Wallet!

Dear Lar, 

Recently I moved into my beautiful Brisbane (Australia) apartment, something I thought would bring exquisite joy. Indeed compared to the bush cabin facilities it has brought joy but it's also revealed how extremely important connection with nature is. I'm sure you'll agree that an external healthy environment makes it easier to have great internal health and wealth (mental and physical health which develops a balanced financial foundation). 

And without a rich organic environment (that which involves living matter and not concrete), we wouldn't have the food, water and other resources required to do business. If in 2017 you'd like a better relationship with yourself, with others, with your money AND nature then check below for tips and details of a Brisbane event in less than 2 weeks time!

I'll also have a couple of spots to catch up individually in Sydney / Canberra between the 21st Feb - 12th March. Last time I missed out on a couple of people due to late notice so please do let me know asap if you'd like more information on individual consults and coaching or an appointment. 

Until next, stay healthy, happy & wealthy, inside & out!
Larissa Zimmerman aka Your Money Mistress. BSc (Maths) plus a few other pieces of paper
So much more than financial discipline! Link In with me
Providing Australia wide Government accredited training, supporting PLAN International and more

Thank Duncan Buchanan for co presenting at this Feb 11th Brisbane workshop, Revenue & Relationships: The Secret Sauce for Business & Personal Success. Due to the venue seating is limited so if you have questions about whether to attend just hit Reply and ask away. Not long to go now!

Life's lighter side   Please accept that no offence is intended. If you have a sense of humour, you are on the way to good health

Mom: "What do you think? That I'm made of money?!"
Child: "Isn't that what M-O-M stands for?"

If you think 7 years of bad luck is bad for a broken mirror, think about a broken condom. 


Fitness Tips (with more on the blog)

For the Mind: If you're in traffic or tense just "Breathe in, Be still, Let go and Go empty." It's something I do daily, holding my breath for the "Be still" before a really good exhale while saying in my head "Let go, Go empty." With the next breath in it's about fresh energy coming into the mind and body. Breathing is a large part of an athlete's performance, something I first learned when shooting in the Army. 

For the Body: With swimming season upon us, check out your own body and make sure there aren't any new or unusual spots which may need checking over by a skin doctor. 

For the Wallet: Compare your Cash flow and Equity (Assets minus Liabilities) to this time last year. Has it improved to the extent you would like? If so that's great! Keep doing more of what you're already doing. Otherwise let go of unhealthy habits and spend 5 minutes getting specific about what you would like (eg $50 more per week paid off your credit card or $25,000 saved towards a deposit). 

AND the Money Mistress website has a number of RESOURCES available here.

For Inspiration: 
"Be careful how you talk to yourself because you are always listening."  Nora Roberts

If you think someone may benefit from this information please forward this email. If you'd prefer your financial education are risque check out The sooner we are financially literate the sooner we can spend our time as we please and society will benefit as a whole. 
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Training for a healthy Mind, Body AND Wallet
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