Getting Started
Registering for an eNudge account gives you a free trial account to email and/or SMS your contacts during the trial, without any charge or obligation.

You can use your full-featured eNudge trial account to:

  • send up to 250 free emails
  • send up to 10 free SMS messages
  • receive up to 10 free responses to your test survey

You can use your trial account for as long as you like.

Prior to registering, please first ensure that you have read and understood and agreed to be bound by the eNudge terms and conditions.

In particular, please ensure that you are familiar with the clauses regarding:

  1. spam. We have a zero tolerance policy in relation to spam.
  2. liability (clause 18) and Indemnity (clause 19) which among other things explains your liability under the terms and conditions of use
  3. the uses for eNudge allowed by the license to use that will be granted to you upon registering
  4. limitations on our control over the 3rd party telecommunications network responsible for delivering SMS messages, and
  5. the technical limitations affecting our ability to record opened emails and manage bounced emails

When you are ready to register, please complete the following form:

Important!  I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the eNudge terms and conditions:
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