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Subject: Cancellation for Adelaide Nash Hash

Cancelling Adelaide Nash Hash

Mel Adjusted

NEWSLETTER #13       January 2022

The Adelaide Nash Hash Committee has been closely monitoring the recent Omicron surge in COVID-19 cases and its implications for Nash Hash. Rego numbers have dropped about 100 since May and refund requests have increased in the last couple of months.

If they still applied in March, the current South Australian activity restrictions at the Gaol venue would mean no standing and drinking, no singing (apart from the bands), no dancing, seated eating and drinking only, social distancing (1 person per 2 sq m outside), QR check-ins, mask wearing unless eating or drinking – and so on. Total venue capacity numbers were also tight. The Gaol required 7 or 8 security guards, some of whom would also act as Covid Marshalls telling hashers to sit down, or not bonk in the cells! It just wouldn’t be a normal, uninhibited Nash Hash.

The biggest risk though was safety from Covid. Despite the restrictions above plus all our proposed extra precautions such as an event vaccine mandate, caterers serving all food individually, extra hygiene and cleaning and so on, our event risk analysis concluded that Nash Hash would still be a high risk event for catching Covid. 800 pissed Nash Hashers partying together would be dangerous!

The Committee has been discussing the pandemic at the start of every meeting for many months now. The Omicron peak may or may not have just passed but there’s still a lot around – and WA has yet to open its borders. However we were running out of time and had to make a decision.  The Committee has now voted and by a large majority has decided that Adelaide Nash Hash will be cancelled.

The good news is that we will have enough money to refund most if not all of your registration fee less $50 each for your goody bag. We hope to be able to distribute the bags through volunteer clubs in at least each capital city – that is we will ship in bulk to a volunteer club who then distributes bags to other nearby clubs, or holds them until you pick them up.

We’ll let you know asap how big the final refunds will be. We can include your Red Dress refund too if applicable, less any donation you may wish to make to Foodbank. All other PreLube refunds should be handled by the respective organisers.

Like you, the Committee is very disappointed that we have had to cancel Adelaide Nash Hash. Our main concern was your safety.


The Adelaide Nash Hash Committee

And no, we won’t be bidding for 2025! We need a break!


Adelaide Nash Hash 21 Inc ABN: 84 721 047 697
1 Karri Street Stoneyfell S.A. 5066 AUSTRALIA Ph: 0439215505

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