Using eNudge

When using eNudge, you will be doing one of three types of tasks - managing your contacts (the people who receive your communications), managing your campaigns (your actual messages), and analysing the results of your campaigns. Click on the tabs below to see how easy it is to use eNudge.

manage campaign contacts

To get started with eNudge, you need to enter your contacts so that you have people to send messages to. We make this very flexible. You can:
  1. Enter your contacts using a simple online form, one at a time; upload campaign contacts
  2. Upload your contacts in bulk, using your own CSV format e.g. the format automatically created from your current software containing your contact records.

If you want to add campaign-specific information, such as an appointment date relevant to just one particular campaign, you will upload your contacts and the extra data at the time that you create your campaign.

Finding your contactsmanage email campaign contacts, manage sms campaign contacts

Finding your contacts later is easy with our Contact Search. search for contacts

Selecting contacts to receive your campaigns

You may not want to send every message to every contact. Targeting your contact to demographics can assist you to improve the email open rate.

Adding contacts to your campaigns can be done using a number of options including:manage electronic marketing campaign contacts

  • Selecting All
  • Selecting particular contacts from a drop down list
  • Selecting your contacts by category
  • Selecting contacts by searching for them, including and advanced multi-criteria search to help you target your messages
  • Uploading a set of contacts using a CSV file

Keeping your Contacts up to date

You can download your contacts into a CSV file at any time. You can also make bulk changes to all your contacts in eNudge by uploading a CSV file including the changes, and selecting the option to update contacts if they already exist.

Quick Reports allow you to see a list of all those contacts who have unsubscribed (from email or SMS messages), or whose email address has bounced.

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