Automate your Marketing
Enudge puts all the tools at your finger tips to automate your email and SMS marketing.
Message Series
Powerful control over when to send each message, before or after each contact's individual trigger date. Great for automating new client on-boarding, delivery of ebooks, educating your clients, preparing for regular / reoccuring events, and much more.
Intermingle SMS and Email
Message automation involving both Email and SMS for greatest engagement. Even link out to your Enudge Survey with a custom link per contact.
Action Responder
Our unique solution for sending only the right emails to your contacts, based on the action they have already taken i.e. choosing either the positive response (e.g. I'll come to your event, I'll fill in your survey), negative response, or they haven't responded.
Web Integration
Your contacts can fill in a simple form to not only add their details to your Enudge contacts, but also simultaneously adding themselves into your Message Series to start receiving your automated messages straight away.
Campaign Follow Up
Planning to follow up your email and SMS campaigns with a phone call, and want to record the response? That's easy within Enudge, including setting up a next follow up date.
Communication Planning
Brainstorm your campaigns, and then send out automated reminders with notes to help prepare for the next message.

Your automated marketing, ready to go in minutes!