Bulk SMS
Create campaigns and manage every aspect of your SMS marketing with Enudge.
2 way SMS
Receive free replies to your SMS messages straight to your email inbox, and also into your campaign data.
SMS Automation
Send SMS messages (intermingled with Emails if you wish) out to your contacts on a date triggered basis.
Schedule your Message
Specify the time to start and stop the sending of your messages - it's not a good idea to send text messages late into the evening or very early in the morning! You can easily control the send time.
Powerful Reporting
Measuring delivery, un-subscribes, replies and more. Learn about your audience preferences everytime you send.
Unlimited Personalisation
Whatever data you have stored about your contacts can be inserted into your text messages as they are sent.
Never pay for undelivered messages
Text message didn't arrive? There's no charge to you EVER.

SMS Pricing

Pay As You Go
Big Spender
Contact us for volume discount

Send to and Receive from All Australian networks