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There's lots to know in order to achieve the most out of your email and SMS marketing campaigns, and to implement marketing automation.  Once you have signed up for an Enudge account you will also benefit from our Enudge Help Centre which provide instructions on particular Enudge functionality.

Our latest articles:

send more than 200 emails at a time

How to send more than 200 emails at a time?

BCC or restrictions by cloud services can impact you
leave your contacts in your email database

Why we don't remove people from our email lists

Do you decide who is in or out of your list for the wrong reason?
why we built Enudge email and sms marketing solution

Why we built Enudge Email and SMS marketing platform

The original reason still drives us today.
The following are a handpicked selection of articles published by Heather Maloney since the launch of Enudge back in 2006:


Improve Email Deliverability
November, 2013 - Improve your Email Deliverability to Hotmail and Windows Live Server
Improving your email deliverability using Enudge
February, 2009 - Improve your Email Deliverability using an Email Service Provider
Mandatory email message tactics
April, 2008 - Messaging Mandatories for Minutes of Money Making Mayhem - presentation given by Heather Maloney to the at the Anderson-Gray Networking Breakfast 30th April, 2008, St.Kilda.
Do your email messages really connect?
March, 2008 - Multiple Connections ... are you really connecting?
3 key strategies to ensure your emails are not considered spam
September, 2007 - 3 Key Strategies to ensure that your emails are not considered spam
Taking the fear out of creating an email newsletter
July, 2007 - Taking the fear out of creating an Email Newsletter
Writing short messages
June, 2007 - Writing short messages
Writing great email subject lines
May, 2007 - How to Write Great Subject Lines for your Enudge Emails
Electronic marketing best practices
January, 2007 - The Five Most Important Electronic Marketing Best Practices