Email Marketing
Create unlimited email campaigns and manage every aspect of your email marketing with Enudge™

Supercharge your Bulk Email Marketing

Improve your audience engagement through enhanced messaging, measuring and analysing your email campaigns over time

Key Features

  • Unlimited personalisation of your messages
  • Easy to send your message to custom segments
  • Ready to use mobile responsive email styles
  • Automated bounce and unsubscribe management
  • High deliverability into the inbox
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    • Use an pre-built template or create your own
    • Easy to re-use your templates into future campaigns
    • Schedule your campaign to start on the required date & time
    • Embed your logo / banner for instant recognition in the inbox
    • Include an attachment with your email
    • Also check out our Automation features

Real-time reporting

Measure and act on contact engagement - monitoring open rate, click-through rate, social sharing, forwards. Analytics data kept, and easily accessible, for all time.

Contact Nurturing

Build profiles of your contacts with ease, no limit to the number of categories per contact, wide range of attributes easy to store and use for segmentation and personalisation.

Professional and Engaging

Great looking email messages that are easy to read on any size screen (mobile responsive) and inspire your contacts to take action.

Easy Database Setup

Import contacts easily from:
Or import your contacts via a CSV file or text file
Create your own mailing lists, and grow your database using web services, hosted web forms, or widgets