eNudge® Message Series (Emails and / or SMS)

email series, autoresponder, email stream The Message Series functionality is unique and powerful; saving you time and money, as well as increasing sales and response rate, adding value to your contacts, and facilitating the provision of automated services. It's much more than an autoresponder, which is why we call it the Message Series!

You can create a series of messages which will be:

  • Sent to a target group of recipients on a day calculated by referring to the trigger date added for each recipient. The send date could be before or after the trigger date.
  • Repeated - send out the same message every x number of days, months or 1 year (this is optional) after the initial send date.

Sending messages via both email and sms will:

  • Help you to stand out from your competitors.
  • Provide richer interaction with your contacts, without increasing your administrative overhead.
  • Improve your audience response rate through the strategic use of:
    • emails for details and visual richness,
    • sms to provide timely and portable short messages such as parking details for an event, and
    • either email or sms to encourage your contacts to take action such as forwarding the message, clicking through to a website, replying with a message...

Some other brilliant features of the Message Series functionality are:

  • Each message in the series has its own start and end date, to determine when delivery starts and finishes for that particular message.
  • One contact can be added more than once to a Message Series, as long as they have a different date trigger. This is important for those circumstances where you need to send a series of messages to the same person who is managing multiple accounts of different clients, or where a message service is provided multiple times to the same person.
  • You can add new contacts to receive to the Message Series at any time, as well as archive off contacts or change their trigger date.
  • The usual eNudge ease of use is provided for creating personalised, targeted, HTML emails or personalised sms messages in your Series.
  • You can add an unlimited number of emails or sms messages to your Message Series.
  • As per the normal eNudge Email functionality, you can:
    • Know when and who has opened your emails.
    • Have bounces managed for you - you'll never send an email twice to a bounced email address (thereby risk being labelled as a spammer) again.
    • An easy to use unsubscribe facility is automatically included in each email, to help you comply with the Spam Act.
    • An easy to use option to receive emails in text format only is automatically included in each email.
    • Information required by the Spam Act to identify you as the sender is automatically added to the bottom of each email, in a professional manner, so you don't need to worry about including this.
  • As per the normal eNudge SMS functionality, you can:
    • Know whether an sms has been delivered.
    • An easy to use unsubscribe facility is automatically included in each sms, to help you comply with the Spam Act.
    • The recipient of the sms can reply to it; the contents of their reply will be recorded in the Message Series data and (optionally) also sent to a specific email address. Replies are free to you, and the cost of a normal sms for the respondent.

The Message Series functionality has a wide range of uses including:

  • Sending out an eBook, chapter by chapter to recipients after their subscription date. Simply set up your eBook Email Series, adding an Email for each chapter of the book. As people subscribe to receive your eBook, simply add them to the recipient list, and the rest is taken care of for you.
  • Remind people of regular activities. E.g. accountants may wish to remind their clients of key dates for document lodgement. Add an Email to your Series for each important date. Add your clients to the recipient list. The trigger date would probably be the start of the financial year for each recipient, and you can choose to repeatedly send the email every year.
  • Managing all the communications around events: invite, follow up invite, confirmation, last minute reminder, parking and event details.
  • Subscription renewals that occur on an ongoing, date sensitive basis. Create a Message Series with just one email attached reminding recipients that their subscription is due. Setup the email to be triggered say 3 days before the subscription date expires, and then repeat every month thereafter.

You can probably think of other ways to benefit from the use our Message Series functionality to save you time, money and effort.

We'd love to hear your unique application! Send us an email with your great idea, and we'd be happy to help you use eNudge for your first message series campaign.

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